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Thursday, 27 October 2011

he din understand me at allllll

although only 2day with him i also wan go to find him..but how about him?
him rather stay at his place and gv me an excuse that he have a very important presentation.
huh..just feel i just gv him too much is the time reduce it..see, wat i gv him and wat he gv me?
i m an idiot...really...i dun wish he saw this.coz if he saw this will keep asking wat i angy for?
not u ady approve i stay din go back meh?
sure la.i m a girl. u wan me like wat? say to u pls la..come back lie i wan see u.
no way! i wont like this!
ok.i made a decision, i will stay in tawau. and go back twice a year
why i wan go back meet u? i can stay here go travel wif my frenz.
u ady say,,u wan stay at there..fine..i wont force u 
i also will stay at tawau.
i dun wan to see your bull shit face!!!!!!
just leave me alone!
u miss me? huh..keep it!
i really like a fool..
come back to meet  from tawau..
huh...i really very disappointed wif u
no more next time.
i ady gv u too many chance
i dun like to talk to u anymore

1 comment:

  1. siryesly...u'r totally in different kind of yee.
    btw, as long u know that u've a friends like us, just let it be as what should it be.
    :) chill dear