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Thursday, 27 October 2011

he din understand me at allllll

although only 2day with him i also wan go to find him..but how about him?
him rather stay at his place and gv me an excuse that he have a very important presentation.
huh..just feel i just gv him too much is the time reduce it..see, wat i gv him and wat he gv me?
i m an idiot...really...i dun wish he saw this.coz if he saw this will keep asking wat i angy for?
not u ady approve i stay din go back meh?
sure la.i m a girl. u wan me like wat? say to u pls la..come back lie i wan see u.
no way! i wont like this!
ok.i made a decision, i will stay in tawau. and go back twice a year
why i wan go back meet u? i can stay here go travel wif my frenz.
u ady say,,u wan stay at there..fine..i wont force u 
i also will stay at tawau.
i dun wan to see your bull shit face!!!!!!
just leave me alone!
u miss me? huh..keep it!
i really like a fool..
come back to meet  from tawau..
huh...i really very disappointed wif u
no more next time.
i ady gv u too many chance
i dun like to talk to u anymore

Sunday, 10 July 2011

food food food

remember that, i wrote'sweet memory' ?
there is in the Batu Pahat Mall's One Station..
at the outside one..very easy to find..
me and him go there about 2 times ady.
coz, he say he like the food at there and the surrounding..(for me all same de la..) 
haha..i think maybe is his course let him so picky in food :P
last time i dun take pic..
nvm, i upload the pic this time >>>
if not mistaken, this is....ermm....Lamb Chop !
price? ha..i dun know, coz is he paid one :P

the ice-cream is so damn delicious !
and the other drink is red bean + coconut ice..
the drink not so nice la..i prefer the blueberry ice-cream!
he so busy..keep calling..leave me alone.:(

this is mine..宮保雞丁飯haha..in english i dun know leh :P
is chicken la..
2 dishes ,1drink and i ice-cream..ady let us full until dun wan walk le..
haa..we promise next time whether order drink or ice-cream
haha..i m ok..coz he need to clean the food every time :P 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

snap snap snap

i wan upload some of my pic :P
haha..but not pretty la ;P
 me and my sis

hee :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

new shoes and new dress for Teacher Day :P

many ppl outing buy some new cloth and shoes coz the celebration of teacher day hv set a them which is..
but, who knows, at the last minute(all ppl hv came back from outing)
they make an announcement, '2moro all student hv to wear formal dress such as baju kurung, baju kebaya.
waste my time!
haha..never mind la,,cloth and shoes i wont feel too much one :P
haha..but, feel a bit angry or disappointed coz cant wear the pretty dress for the celebration of  Teacher Day
i bought a pair of shoes and a dress
i like the shoes more than the dress

here, the pic of the shoes >>>>

but the dress i din take picture 
ha..next time i upload it yaa :P

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

my style when going airport :P

haa..just find out i din post my pic when i going left Tawau to KL
i really like the feeling that going home :)
Tawau..i need to face u 3 and the half years
wait,, i can do it..
okok..skip the sad topic..
i post some pic that can show how happy am i when going home :)
next >>>>>>>
again ...and again...

yeahhh,,, haa..i like to snap snap snap :)
so,,i can have some memory when i saw these pic
and also can feel the time pass very fast ..

sweet memory :)

here,,some photo me and HIM
haha..i m not pretty but he is handsome :P
see ar..
ok..me now...
next is me and HIM :P
butt...now...i m alone ..he went pinang le
huhu.. :(
 he really very sayang me one..
i LOVE u honey :)
wait u back..

Monday, 30 May 2011

happy moment

honey, i really appreciate these three day spent wif u..
i happy enuf..
really, i am sad nowww
coz..i going meet u at August ..start now
 sad,, wanna cry when u left me
but, wat can i do?
the thing that i can do is..wait wait wait
wait to meet u
i hv holiday for 3 weeks,,
but, meet u only 3 days
really not enuf honey
i know u ady try your best to take leave
but, really not enuf for me
i m sad nowww